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Little Ouseburn, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom





To achieve maximum enjoyment from your Perfect Pose Yoga session please familiarise yourself with the answers to the FAQs and Need to Know information below.


What should I wear?

Please wear something comfortable: Gym kit or similar is ideal. Avoid loose clothing that may restrict your vision when bending forward.

Is there anything that I need to bring?

A selection of Yoga mats, blankets and props will be available for use, free of charge.  Other useful items to bring include: Bottle of water / Medication (eg Inhaler if Asthmatic) / Jumper (or something cosy) for relaxation.


How should I prepare for my class?

It is advisable not to eat a heavy meal before attending class.  As a guideline, allow 2hrs after a light snack or 4hrs after a heavy meal. Drink plenty of water, come hydrated! Switch off electronic devices; anything that dings, rings or buzzes should be SWITCHED OFF during class.

Can anyone practice yoga?

Yes. Yoga is suitable for all ages and abilities, young/old, fit/unfit, men/women, any ethnic origin, any religious background. Yoga has no boundaries or exclusions but our yoga classes do involve physical activity that might not work for some people.  If you have an old or a new  injury or medical condition please inform your teacher so that we can give you modifications to guide you safely into the postures.


Injuries & contraindications

If you have any medical concerns, are suffering with an injury or medical condition, it is imperative that you seek advice from your GP or healthcare practitioner BEFORE attending a yoga class. If you have an injury or illness, there may be some yoga poses that need to be modified or avoided. Please seek advice from your Teacher before the class starts. Please be aware and understanding if the Teacher advises you against taking the class - this is for your own benefit and safety.  It is your responsibility to notify the teacher of any injuries (new or ongoing) before every class. Always work to your own ability and respect the limitations of your body.



Please aim to arrive 5 minutes before your class starts, allowing time to check-in and pay, remove your shoes and socks, and gather any props you’ll need for class.  The class will start promptly at the specified time. To avoid disruption, late attendance is not permitted.

Bookings & cancellations

Class sizes are limited. For this reason, please check availability and reserve a place before attending class. To reserve a place, simply text Ria on 07758 962080 or email info@perfetposeretreats.com.  If you have booked a class that you can no longer attend, please let Ria know so your place can be given to another student. A simple text saying 'I'm not coming today' is acceptable!  If you fail to cancel your reservation, non attendance will incur a 100% cancellation fee.



Payment will be collected before the class starts (unless you are attending a free/taster session). Cash or payment by bank transfer only please. You may wish to take advantage of the savings available by purchasing a PERFECT POSE PASS.  Class Passes for 5, 10 & 15 sessions are available, click here for details.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Policy

Your personal data will be held securely and will never knowingly be shared with a third party.  Your data will be used respectfully, to communicate essential information relating to the class schedule. View the full privacy policy here.


Can’t find what you are looking for?  Please just contact us with your queries and we’ll be happy to help.